For a very long time, it was my dream to be the videographer for a drum corps. I would watch corps’ YouTube channels and wish I could be creating that. Part of discovering my passion for film was making these little “hype” videos for my marching band during my senior year of high school. I carried around my little flip cam (which could shoot a whole 720p!) and edited the shaky footage on Windows Movie Maker. I never got to actually march in a drum corps either, so I figured video would be my way into the activity.

I always wanted to work with a World Class organization (Bluecoats have always been my favorite). I wasn’t expecting to see a comment about 7th Regiment looking for a videographer on Reddit. I wasn’t expecting to get a call the day after I applied, during which I was offered the gig. I wasn’t expecting myself to actually accept. But that’s what happened. I figured everyone has to start somewhere, right? Working for a smaller Open Class group would be my foot in the door.

Many people, including myself at the time, don’t really understand how hard Open Class corps work. Many of the marchers in Open Class are high schoolers. There were members in 7th as young as 14. These kids were working just as hard as I could have imagined any World Class group working. 7th Regiment wasn’t just a stepping-stone into a more popular corps to these kids (you know, the way I was treating it). 7th Regiment was their family. See for yourself what the age-outs told me during finals week.

I got to watch and photograph so many amazing Open Class corps during my time with 7th Regiment. Don’t count these guys out just cause they’re small. Some of the most creative things in the activity are happening at this level. If you’re someone who is wanting to march somewhere and thinks that Open Class isn’t worth it, you’re wrong. Come out to an Open show in 2018 if you can, you won’t regret it.

7th Regiment
Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets
Music City

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